Micro pigmentation and scalp UK

Who We Are

Micro Pigmentation and Scalp UK is a small team of highly-qualified, dedicated and experienced beauty experts who have immense knowledge in micropigmentation treatment. For micropigmentation, there is Sebastian Zielinski and for Permanent Makeup or MPU we have Monika Zielinska. We have been doing this business for more than 8 years. Our skill, efficiency and honesty are our main strength in business which helps us to gain reputation among our local clients in cities like Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and London.

What We Do

We are professional beauty experts specialized in micropigmentation treatment. Along with lips, eyebrows and eyes we also offer 3d scalp micro pigmentation for those who are suffering from baldness and looking for an instant but long-lasting remedy.

We use the most advanced tools and technologies while applying this treatment on the scalp or skin of our clients. In case you are looking for affordable scalp and lip micro pigmentation near me then Micro Pigmentation and Scalp UK is the right place to visit.

Why You Need this Treatment

Pigmentation of the scalp is useful not only in baldness. It also helps to fill in deficiencies in hair growth in situations where scars after burns, skin injuries or operations are present on the head. Places where there is no hair pigmented with hair colour dye.

Apart from scalp micro pigmentation procedure, we are experts in micropigmentation for lips, eyes and eyebrows. This treatment will give you fuller and more attractive lips that look flawless. If you are interested in having Permanent Make up for Eyebrows, then we are here to help you with the most advanced and safest process of micropigmentation for eyes and eyebrows.

How We Do

We follow a step by step process to give you that desired result of micropigmentation. At every stage of micropigmentation progress, you have access to the BEST knowledge and experience of our specialists – so you are always surrounded by the best care.

Why Should You Come to Us

    • Our treatments are affordable and easy to avail.
    • We promise you instant results with visible effects.
    • We are experienced artists with skill and license.
    • We offer free consultation and patch test before the actual treatment.

Reliable, Friendly & Affordable – We Are Everything that You Expect from Your Micropigmentation Expert