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Micro Pigmentation and Scalp UK is recognized as one of the leading scalp micro pigmentation salons of the country. Our services are available for the people located in cities like Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and London. We are a small team with vast experience in this industry. When baldness can cause serious problems in your life; our Microblading treatment can bring back your confidence and attractive appearance.

We follow proven and safe procedures that take nominal time to show the results. Our technicians have deep knowledge and vast experience about micropigmentation which can be done on several body parts including scalp, lips, eyebrows and eyelids. We perform this treatment with full confidence and dedication.

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If hair loss is the biggest problem in your life and you are losing your confidence because of that, then Micro Pigmentation and Scalp UK have the perfect solution for you. Our revolutionary procedures will help you to transform your look from BALD to BOLD within a few sessions. The micro pigment tattoo will cover your scalp to give it a unique and alluring look that will stay long with you.

Pigmentation of the scalp is useful not only in baldness. It also helps to fill in deficiencies in hair growth in situations where scars after burns, skin injuries or operations are present on the head. Places where there is no hair pigmented with hair colour dye.

Why You Need this

Treat Baldness

You can treat baldness with advanced microblading procedure to gain a transformed look.

Scar Repair

Get scalp micro pigmentation scar repair from the experts to cover up scars flawlessly.

Natural Appearance

Durable makeup or permanent makeup helps you to get natural appearance effortlessly.

Gain Confidence

It is the best way to gain confidence that once you have lost because of baldness or scars.

Easy and Effective

This is a non-surgical process which is easy and extremely effective within your budget.

Expert Technicians

We have highly experienced technicians who can perform this task perfectly for you.

Enjoy Permanent Makeup for Long-Lasting Flawless Look

The Best Place in the UK for Micropigmentation

Make Your Appearance More Prominent with Permanent Makeup

At Micro Pigmentation and Scalp UK, we offer permanent make-up which is a specialized cosmetic procedure, consisting of a permanent emphasis on the lips, eyes and eyebrows. In the case of eyes, it is most often the execution of a dash on the lower and/or upper eyelid, in the case of eyebrows adjusting their shape, while in the case of mouth, accentuation of the lips, selection and adjustment of the contours and strengthening of red. Permanent makeup is also an effective alternative to more invasive surgical procedures because the procedure performed with the right technology provides a visible and natural lifting effect.

Be it micro pigmentation eyeliner or lip micropigmentation; professional permanent makeup not only emphasizes the qualities of female beauty, but also perfectly masks imperfections by covering up skin defects such as scars, discolourations, or pigmentation spots. Most importantly, durable makeup helps to regain confidence and natural appearance to people who for health reasons have lost their hair on eyebrows or eyelashes.

The highest quality of pigments guarantees the maximum shelf life of permanent makeup. At Micro Pigmentation and Scalp UK, treatments are performed using high quality medical equipment and while maintaining the highest standard safety of the services performed.