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Losing hair is one of the most disturbing episodes that can happen to an individual’s life. Whether you are a man or woman; hair loss is something that can make your life miserable and you want to get a solution for the same.

If hair tattoo scalp micro pigmentation is the latest trend then we are the masters of this technique.

At Micro Pigmentation and Scalp UK, we apply micropigmentation treatment to treat conditions like alopecia, thinning hair, injury marks, lips imperfection and others. We offer micropigmentation as an effective Permanent Makeup or PMU technique to improve your natural appearance and give you a flawless look. Be it scalp or eyeliner micropigmentation – we promise you the best results within your budget.

Scalp Micropigmentation

Pigmentation of the scalp is useful not only in baldness. It also helps to fill in deficiencies in hair growth in situations where scars after burns, skin injuries or operations are present on the head. Places where there is no hair pigmented with hair colour dye. At our beauty salon, we offer micro pigmentation for women's hair as well as for men’s hair. After the procedure, the scar or area in which the hair has not grown becomes less visible and colour fits the colour of the hair.

Permanent make-up of the scalp is to draw hundreds of tiny hairs, dots that imitate hair. Hundreds of dots complete the missing places after the hair and visually thicken them. During the procedure, the artist selects the right colour of the skin and hair dye and then proceeds to pigment the scalp.

The treatment should be repeated on average once a year. The frequency of replenishment depends on the degree of peeling of the epidermis and individual properties of the skin. Micro pigmentation after hair transplant is highly popular in cities like all over the UK and we are available in locations like Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and London.

Stages of Micropigmentation

First Session

During which we reconstruct the hairline and begin to gently fill it. It lasts 2 – 4 hours.

Second Session

It takes 2-4 hours. During this session, we thicken the pigmentation of the scalp until the result is almost final.

Third Session

Within 1 – 3 hours, we replenish and correct to achieve the perfect final effect.


A certain inconvenience associated with the procedure is that for 3 days after it you cannot soak your head, intensively sweat (sauna, gym, running) and avoid touching the skin.

Permanent Make Up or PMU

At Micro Pigmentation and Scalp UK, we offer permanent make-up which is a specialized cosmetic procedure, consisting of a permanent emphasis on the lips, eyes and eyebrows. In the case of eyes, it is most often the execution of a dash on the lower and/or upper eyelid, in the case of eyebrows adjusting their shape, while in the case of mouth, accentuation of the lips, selection and adjustment of the contours and strengthening of red. Permanent makeup is also an effective alternative to more invasive surgical procedures because the procedure performed with the right technology provides a visible and natural lifting effect.

Be it micro pigmentation eyeliner or lip micropigmentation; professional permanent makeup not only emphasizes the qualities of female beauty, but also perfectly masks imperfections by covering up skin defects such as scars, discolourations, or pigmentation spots. Most importantly, durable makeup helps to regain confidence and natural appearance to people who for health reasons have lost their hair on eyebrows or eyelashes. Our micro pigmentation eyebrows cost nominal which you can afford easily.

The highest quality of pigments guarantees the maximum shelf life of permanent makeup. At Micro Pigmentation and Scalp UK, treatments are performed using high quality medical equipment and while maintaining the highest standard safety of the services performed.

Price List

We Provide Micro Scalp Pigmentation for Long Hair and Short Hair As Well

We are Committed to Offer the Best Service

Are you worried that the final effect will not meet your expectations? Do you doubt the possibilities offered by scalp micropigmentation? Reviews and effects are unambiguous and in any case very good, so you do not have to worry! In addition, the price includes an unlimited number of free corrective procedures within a year from the scalp pigmentation procedure, which can be used by each of our customers!